Monoform: A new expression of movement

‘I wanted to create something that talked and interacted with the city,’ says Fernando Ocana. ‘There is much more to car design than designing cars that look like their moving when standing still,’ notes the young Mexican automotive designer as he explains his concept Monoform.

The life size sculpture – around the same proportions as a Smart car – is tucked away in a separate darkened room at the Royal College of Art graduate vehicle design show. A screen is projecting a short film made by Ocana over its form.

This urban vehicle concept uses reflective glass and architectural shaping to encourage people to view their current environment from a different perspective – and by doing so proposes a fresh interaction between man and machine.

‘The point of this project is to add relevance to what we do,’ he continues as we watch London reflect back on us. ‘It stands as a point of view towards progressive mobility experiences that connect with the emerging philosophies of the twenty-first century, and speaks directly to those who feel alienated by the conservative symbolism applied to modern automotive design.’

Philip Glass is playing on the stereo. ‘This music is also about giving hope,’ notes Ocana. ‘There are a lot of people out there who are really annoyed with what we’re doing as car designers and I believe we need change, and change as a consequence of time. The future isn’t about looking back.’

A former General Motors automotive designer, he came to the RCA two years ago to find new solutions to what he saw as complete single mindedness and constant nostalgia in car design.

He concludes: ‘I’m not saying this is the future, but trying to give a new personal view.’

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Nargess Shahmanesh Banks

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