Colour One for Mini at Milan

Colour One is the work of Dutch design duo Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings of Scholten & Baijings, created for Salone del Mobile 2012. It aims to explore the design of the Mini One, the marque’s base model, by dissecting the car – examining its composition. It draws on the familiar stylistic devices of Scholten & Baijings who deal mainly with colour and material.

Working with the Mini design team, the Dutch duo almost peeled the car, removing layers for a closer look at the individual components, adding colour and texture to the stripped parts.

The result is quite intriguing as these so called ‘art parts’ – components that were extracted as a whole – take on a very different personality once removed from the car.

The transparent tyres, for instance, in their deconstructed form are made of cast resin produced in cooperation with industrial designer and polyester specialist Vincent de Rijk. Or the seats and seatbelts have been lined with specially developed fabrics and recall the brand’s rally heritage.

The doors have been taken out and are displayed separately from the car with three-dimensional golden textures or a matt porcelain paint finish developed jointly with Mini.

Colour One was exhibited at Milan as part of the Interni Legacy exhibition at the University of Milan. See our report from last year here. Also read our reports on Salone del Mobile 2011.

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