Mercedes autonomous car

Mercedes-Benz is proposing to re-invent the automobile with the F015 Luxury in Motion study revealed this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vagas.

This sleek car has been designed to be an autonomous vehicle, a mobile living space, a private retreat offering space and time – two luxuries that we are increasingly in need of.

‘Anyone who focuses solely on the technology has not yet grasped how autonomous driving will change our society,’ says Dr Dieter Zetsche, head of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

The low-slung front, flat widescreen and smooth roofline create a refined yet futuristic appearance. Inside is all about interpreting modern luxury with open-pore walnut wood veneer and ice-white nappa leather seats, and highlights of shiny metal and smooth glass surfaces.

The interior is modular. If the crew wish to drive the car, the four lounge chairs can conventionally face forward as the steering wheel pops out from the dashboard.

If on the other hand they wish to work, relax, chat and let the car drive itself, then the front passengers can swivel around and face the rear seats. Additionally, the six display screens allow occupants to interact with the car through gestures or touch.

Not all the ideas expressed in this concept are new of course – we have seen plenty of visions for driverless cars, and interiors that transform into live/work spaces.

Google’s upcoming driverless vehicle, for instance, calls for a similar concept, yet the Mercedes study car has the advantage of being a beautifully sculpted automobile, rather than a tech gadget.

This driverless car has a distinctly futuristic exterior and a highly luxurious cabin, and the proportions nod to a vision for a brand new vehicle concept by a company that has historically been at the very forefront of innovation.

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