House of Essex in picture

This is House of Essex, a fantasy world and a fusion of art and architecture. Overlooking the Stour estuary in north Essex, not so far from London, the building sits amidst Wrabness, awakening this otherwise sleepy village with its fantastically eccentric appearance.

There is something of Hansel and Gretel about this collaboration between architect FAT and the Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry for the Living Architecture series.

The building responds to its rural setting through its form and materials. The pitched roof references local farmhouses, whilst the structure has been clad with some 2000 bespoke ceramic tiles from originals created by Perry. The roof is adorned by three large cast aluminium roof sculptures designed by the two.

House of Essex is dedicated to a fictional character, a secular ‘saint’ named Julie Cope, conceived by Perry.

Despite its eccentric external appearance, the interior is a mix of domesticity and an exhibition space for Perry’s artwork and tapestries, created specifically for this project. Together they tell the story of Cope’s life and death.

Like all Living Architecture’s properties House for Essex is available to rent as a short-term holiday home.

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