Books: Design, An Essential Introduction

What is good design, what role does design play in society, and does design matter? These are some of the questions addressed by Design: An Essential Introduction. Here Gareth Williams, a curator of furniture at the V&A in London, breaks down the process of design, from initial brief to the complete lifecycle of products through case studies and in a simple and accessible way.

He explores the different materials and production methods available to contemporary designers, and there are examples as how these can be used to transform design ideas into products. The book also covers other relevant topics such as ergonomics, computer-aided design and manufacture, and rapid prototyping.

This is an excellent primer, a useful handbook for emerging designers, and for anyone who wants to understand the design process more comprehensively.

Design: An Essential Introduction is written by Gareth Williams with the support of the Design Museum, and is published by Carlton Books.

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