Fresh perspectives as Volvo challenges photographer to use the car as camera

I love driving, sitting behind the wheel engaged in my personal thoughts, dreams and life, planning grand projects and picturing past memories, listening to my tunes as the world dances by. You feel protected from the outside world inside the cocoon of the motor car yet are very much connected. There are interactions and engagements, especially in a city like London, but there is certainly a sense of looking out… much like a movie screen.

With this in mind, the latest project by Volvo and Barbara Davidson is incredibly interesting to see. The multiple Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and artist has literally turned the latest Volvo XC60 into her camera, her lenses are the lenses of the cameras on-board, and the result is a collection of thirty photographs that capture life on the streets of the Danish capital Copenhagen. Together they offer a fresh view on ordinary life in a European city, as well as a new perspective on the motor car whereby this considered cold, technological product transforms into something softer… perhaps more human.

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All images are © Barbara Davidson

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