New Lexus LS: The non-conformist

Cars can make significant statements about us. They convey what we can afford, of course, but also who we are and, crucially, how we would like to be perceived by others. More than any other personal possession, this metallic object on wheels is a personal declaration. This is even more true of the business car. The executive car market is hugely conservative. At least in Europe, it is governed by the German big three – Audi, BMW and Mercedes with their A8, 7-Series and S Class – all of which are excellent products, highly advanced in terms of design and engineering, yet lack a little soul.

Which is precisely the charm of the latest offering in this segment, the flagship hybrid Lexus LS. Here we have a car that is not embarrassed to be different. A huge amount of work has gone into making the interior, in particular, a welcoming and unusual space that challenges the conventional automotive interior with origami-style hand pleat door panels, glasswork made using the ancient Japanese ‘kiriko’ technique, ‘art wood’ finishes that imagine novel timber veneers – all intricately carried out by Takumi Lexus craftspeople. Read my full drive story here

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