A big salute to Spring

Today marks the first day of Spring. Today is also the Persian new year of Norouz – as in a new day and a new beginning. Words that feel ever so powerful now as we are reminded of the ebb and flow of life – its transient nature. That everything is interconnected – from this tragic virus that is taking hold of humanity, to the environment and our fragile earth which has led to civilisations fleeing their homelands, to the sheer greed and the inequality that exists and leads to all the above.

Norouz is a celebration very close to my heart for it welcomes the possibilities of change. It doesn’t look back. It doesn’t worship a being or an action that took place centuries ago. Rather, it offers hope. The belief that change is possible – symbolic in the movement of seasons.

Or as the Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield so eloquently puts it..  ‘you can see the spring come back, and that is your ally. You can trust the world wants to regenerate.’

To Spring✨