Lina Ghotmeh’s Serpentine Pavillion 2023 is a call to sit, eat and converse together

Lina Ghotmeh, À Table Serpentine Pavilion © Harry Richards for Serpentine 2023

“It’s such a privilege to be part of this project. The pavilion brings architecture closer to everyone; it proves that architecture is a necessity and that beauty, rather than being additional, is something that should be essential in our cities and in our lives,” says Lina Ghotmeh, the architect of the twenty-second Serpentine Pavilion.

The much-anticipated annual commission sees a temporary structure built on Kensington Gardens by the Serpentine South gallery in Hyde Park, London. The building will remain here for the summer, with the space free and open to the public for a casual coffee, a spot of lunch, a moment of respite, evening events, talks, music and more. At the end of its park life (if sold to a private buyer — this one has), the structure is moved to its new home, where it begins its second life. Or, as Ghotmeh says, “Hopefully, it takes the memory of here to its next place.”

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Lina Ghotmeh, ‘À Table’ Serpentine Pavilion © Iwan Baan for Serpentine 2023