Paris Photo 2023: Artist Eva Nielsen Insolare is a sensory experience inviting viewers to look beyond the image

‘As sensitive human beings, when we walk through landscapes, it is a procession that is always moving and changing. I love this question of mutation of the view,’ says the artist Eva Nielsen as she guides me through her gorgeous, textural, otherworldly installation Insolare. Created alongside the curator and her longtime collaborator Marianne Derrien, the artwork on exhibit at Grand Palais Éphémère for Paris Photo 2023 explores the impact of human activity on nature. It’s also a very physical installation, performative in that the viewer is tasked to immerse themselves within these collection of artworks, walk between them, observe the various layers, and absorb the less visible marks—the unseen. ‘There is something ephemeral when you walk through these pieces,’ she Nielsen as we peek through one of the semi-transparent artworks. ‘Each layer and each structure are in discussion with the other.’

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