‘Tasting Menu’ presents intricate collages and playful textiles by artist and poet Eliza Kentridge

Eliza Kentridge. All photography © Eliot Gelberg-Wilson 

Artist and poet Eliza Kentridge works with collage, using paper and textiles, drawing, embroidery and stitching to create delicate artworks that look to the everyday, to the domestic life, to motherhood. Kentridge investigates old and found materials and symbols, mixing ideas from the real world and the imagination. “This is how I work: I draw, sew on paper and fabric, collage stolen bits and pieces, make sculpture and write poems,” she says.

Tasting Menu brings Kentridge’s latest works to London, exhibited alongside a selection of earlier pieces in the intimate setting of her older brother the artist William Kentridge’s London pad. The centerpiece is a collage of teabags that takes up an entire wall. It’s a quirky artwork that is playful but also rich with storytelling.

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