Refik Anadol wants to demystify AI through art. I speak with the artist and designer at his latest exhibition at Serpentine

Refik Anadol, Echoes of the Earth: Living Archive, 2024. Installation view, Serpentine North. Photo: Hugo Glendinning. Courtesy Refik Anadol Studio and Serpentine

Refik Anadol is an artist and a designer who fluidly moves between visual art, science and technology, with computational data performing the role of pigments for his artwork. Through data visualisation, he imagines sensory, immersive, otherworldly artworks in which AI invites us to open our human eyes to new ways of seeing, enhance our understandings and expand our creativity. Anadol believes through human guidance, AI could ultimately advance our lives, improve wellbeing, assist education, help create better built environments, and perhaps even find solutions for restoring nature.

With his latest exhibition ‘Echoes of the Earth: Living Archive’ currently on show at the Serpentine North in London, I met with Anadol at the gallery to delve deeper into his mind.

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