Introducing VOICES, a new magazine in the world of wine

VOICES by Spinach Branding for Maze Row

VOICES is a new publication dedicated to the world of wine, and I’ve been involved in helping form its editorial direction on behalf of Spinach Branding. This has been an extremely exciting adventure, in both subject and the people I’ve had the pleasure of encountering along the journey.

Our client is Maze Row, a new brand in the fine wine scene. The importer and exporter of fine wines represents a select group of artisan producers who craft wines that are made with passion, are kind to the environment and speak of a time and place to epitomise terroir.

VOICES is a print publication and digital platform created to foster their work and share their stories. It is also a place, a space, for exploring and sharing the best in wine and wine culture.

We’re building a community who share a real passion for drinking and dining, who are excited by the people and places that help bring wine to life, and for the arts and ideas that share this vision.

Ours is an inclusive community of wine makers and connoisseurs, world writers, bold thinkers and creatives who are excited by the wider story of wine. By this we are referring to the more expansive narrative of what it means to devote a life to wine.

What I’ve come to realise is that wine is a symbol of so much more than just a drink. Away from the factory-made mass products, fine wine, in the context we cover in VOICES, is a celebration of life. It is a distillation of what it means to be human.

And at the core of our concept is to encourage diverse storytelling, multiple viewpoints. After all, inviting different voices is to be not only inclusive but also expansive and enriching.

Our guiding philosophy is: In wine, we find life. And we really do mean it.

Why not browse through VOICES and contact me if you have an interesting story to tell.

See the colourful Jeff Koons BMW car creation

The American artist Jeff Koons and ‘8 X Jeff Koons’
© Enes Kucevic for Jeff Koons and BMW AG

Jeff Koons calls it his ‘dream car’, and the artwork on ‘8 X Jeff Koons’ is suitably flash and colourful, with a certain minimalism and a nod to pop art and comic book culture. All of which is in keeping with the work of the celebrated American artist. Only 99 artist editions of the M850i Gran Coupé, on which the car is based, are planned and have been revealed virtually on the occasion of Frieze Art Los Angeles this week. BMW is a long-term partner of the art fair and this latest project helps celebrates over 50 years of sponsorship of arts and ideas. Read the full story here.

All images ‘8 X Jeff Koons’, photo © Enes Kucevic for Jeff Koons and BMW AG

This is how some brands are approaching circularity

The BMW i Vision Circular (theoretically) at the end of its life as a car

Earlier this month I had a candid conversation with Daniela Bohlinger who leads sustainability design at BMW Group. There are huge challenges ahead especially for giant heritage brands like hers to develop a fully circular system. But (a big But) there is also an exciting story unfolding ahead of us. If we’re able to adapt to change under covid and so rapidly, why can’t we take it further and redefine and rethink how we make, consume, treat this fragile planet and reconsider our interconnectivity to all other beings. We just need to shift the narrative from negative to positive. And it has to be a global effort (this is where it gets a little tricky). But (another big But) I’m a rational optimist and remain genuinely excited about the possibilities of change.

Take a closer look at the BMW i Vision Circular, a research project designed to communicate the company’s ideas, ethos and inventions internally and externally, and with some inventive sound ideas here

Jeff Koons is the latest artist to work with BMW on limited-edition collectable art cars


Jeff Koons is creating a limited-edition collectable car collection for BMW. The American artist is using the M850i Gran Coupé as his canvas, with the ‘8X Jeff Koons’ cars to be revealed at Frieze Los Angeles in February 2022 and thereafter sold as collector’s editions. See the full story here.

Images (c) Enes Kucevic Jeff Koons/BMW AG

See fashion designer Paul Smith’s imaginative and sustainable MINI Strip

The body is left raw and unpainted revealing scratches from the manufacturing process. The panoramic roof is made of recycled and recyclable light Perspex. The cabin is entirely leather and chrome-free with seats covered in reusable knitted fabric, dashboard made of salvaged cork and seatbelts from repurposed climbing rope — all of which are fully recyclable. This is the MINI Strip, a custom-built unique electric car exploring ideas around design for circularity.

Read the full report here