Small sedans: Audi A3 Saloon

There is a new trend emerging on the automotive scene in the shape of compact saloons. The classic three-box silhouette may appear a little sensible, almost prudish, compared to some of the more lively ideas floating around car design departments, yet Europe’s loss of love for the safe saloon isn’t a sentiment shared globally. Young, bright, professional American and Chinese drivers, for instance, are extremely hungry for these so-called... Read More

Designer talk: Luc Donckerwolke

‘I must say I didn’t expect it. I made a move from Seat to Volkswagen just a year ago and I was thinking of staying when I got the call in July. I had to tell my wife we are not going to be buying curtains for our new house in Berlin,’ Luc Donckerwolke tells me as we settle down for coffee at his new offices in Crewe. The call in question came from Bentley, asking Luc to replace Dirk van Braeckel and head up the main design studio in the UK. The... Read More

Audi’s new design strategy

Audi has revealed its new design strategy – the thinking is expressed by the latest Crosslane Coupé concept car. Shown a couple of months ago at the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris, this intriguing study car not only gives a taste of how the future models in the marque’s Q family will look, but shows how Audi design will enter a new phase. I visited the team in Munich to find out more. Read the full article in Wallpaper*. #gallery-2... Read More

Wolfgang Egger talks Audi design

Audi cars are meticulously designed, the sheet metal lovingly sculpted to near perfection – the notes almost perfect. This is at odds in a world where mass produced cars as such are increasingly bland, homogenised products. You could say Audi has taken the functional and turned it into the aesthetic. Clearly the consumer thinks so. In the midst of the 2009/10 financial crisis, Audi continued to produce new models to replace the outdated, even inventing... Read More