Introducing the new Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 coupé

These are exciting times for Bentley – this is a radical marque in bourgeois disguise. Steering the creative energy is Luc Donckerwolke, the gifted design director who has been quietly, quietly making some fundamental changes here since he joined over two years ago. Soon on his arrival Donckerwolke formed an entirely new team (the ‘dream team’ as he likes to call them) of established and emerging international designers. He put forward plans... Read More

Bentley’s new Flying Spur

This is the second-generation Flying Spur and Bentley’s most powerful car. Launched a little earlier this year it has been entirely redesigned for an elegant, sober looking machine powered by an impressive 12 cylinder engine that will carry you along with grace and in near-silence. The Flying Spur will be mainly chauffeur driven which is why Bentley engineers used a highly specialised chauffeur company when testing the car. The result is an... Read More

Designer talk: Luc Donckerwolke

‘I must say I didn’t expect it. I made a move from Seat to Volkswagen just a year ago and I was thinking of staying when I got the call in July. I had to tell my wife we are not going to be buying curtains for our new house in Berlin,’ Luc Donckerwolke tells me as we settle down for coffee at his new offices in Crewe. The call in question came from Bentley, asking Luc to replace Dirk van Braeckel and head up the main design studio in the... Read More

Ultimate luxury: Bentley Continental GT

Many of us form an intimate relation with our cars, especially if it’s something we’ve saved up for. You want to know about its origin – how it was made, who was involved. Marques like Rolls Royce and Bentley survive on creating a narrative to include the making of the cars, the story of the suppliers, the ecological thinking, that together allude to the ultimate level of craftsmanship. It is within this world where cars like the Bentley... Read More

Car design trends: Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

We are at the start of the second life of the automobile. Up until recently, cars were more of less about individual mobility, personal space, about ownership. It has been about creating beautiful or quirky sculpture. With our diminishing fossil fuel reserves, concerns for the environment and world economic recession, the closeted, cosy world of the automobile has had to shift. I recall going to see controversial ex-BMW design boss Chris Bangle... Read More

Car design trends from Paris Motor Show 2010

The mood at the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris could be summarised in the few words uttered by Peugeot’s design director Gilles Vidal. ‘We are going through big changes in the automotive world,’ the visionary French designer said as he guided me though 200 years of Peugeot’s research and development displayed on the stand. ‘Progress in this area won’t only be through engines and technological solutions, but about making our... Read More

Bentley’s new aero ambitions

British luxury carmaker Bentley, not famed for creating the most aerodynamic sculptures, is seemingly taking a new approach to the design of its future cars. In a recent ‘Bentley of the Future’ competition held at the RCA post graduate school in London the carmaker challenged second year vehicle design students to come up with a future Bentley Continental GT that scored high on aero efficiency without sacrificing the Bentley design DNA. This... Read More

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