Serpentine Pavilion by Smiljan Radic

Yesterday saw the unveiling of the much-anticipated 14th Serpentine Gallery Pavilion by Chilean architect Smiljan Radic. The annual temporary structure in London’s Hyde Park is a highlight of the year, and the latest is one of the most captivating of the recent commissions. Occupying some 541 square-metres on the lawn of the gallery, the semi-translucent, cylindrical structure almost hovers over large quarry stones that evoke the spirit of Fischli... Read More

Smiljan Radic’s 2014 Serpentine Pavilion

These are images of one of the most exciting projects proposed for the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. Smiljan Radic will be the 14th architect to design a temporary structure in London’s Hyde Park this summer. Occupying around 350 square-metres, the Chilean architect has envisaged a rather intriguing flexible, semi-translucent, cylindrical structure that has been designed to resemble a shell, resting on large quarry stones. The concept has its... Read More