Designed in China Zhoujie Zhang

Zhoujie Zhang works with digitally generated design to create hundreds of unique steel products from furniture to vessels and jewellery. The young Chinese designer’s work is a collaboration between craftsmanship and computer generated design – between the maker and the machine. Trained in classical arts in the rural village of Ningbo in China, Zhoujie then moved to London completing an MA in industrial design at Central Saint Martins College... Read More

Designed in China interview: Sozen

There is a new generation of Chinese designers creating a bit of a stir. These independent creators are openly challenging the cliché ‘made in China’ tag by introducing work that challenges old traditions, represents modern China and is at once avant-garde. Together their work is helping form a new vernacular for modern Chinese design. Thanks to Bundshop, an on-line platforms for presenting a new generation of Chinese designers, Design Talks... Read More

Designed in China

How do you change the perception of ‘made in China’ to ‘designed in China’? Chinese contemporary art is currently the focus of intense interest in western Europe, so why not Chinese design? Two exhibitions in London aim to rectify this. Unfolding Landscape, at Sotheby’s in London, which finished last week, exhibited work for sale by graduates from Beijing’s prestigious design school, The China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Across... Read More