Chris Bangle talks REDS, a completely new kind of automobile

I met Chris Bangle many many years ago at the start of my career as he gave a passionate speech at the Design Museum in London on car design and the future of transport. And it has been completely fascinating following his thoughts through our marathon conversations – seeing his projects at BMW come alive, and now witnessing his work and ideas develop further through his independent consultancy. He is one of a handful of contemporary car designers... Read More

BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce navigate the future

Speculating the future of the car is pretty fascinating territory. The automobile has essentially remained the same, evolving technically rather than conceptually since its birth well over a century ago. Now, as the car moves closer and closer to becoming a personal gadget with multiple faces and functions, its next life is open to all sorts of interpretations. It certainly is an exciting time to be involved in the vehicle design world. We’ve been... Read More

Car, body, fashion

I was 18 when I first read The Nude by Kenneth Clark. Published in 1956, it was a sort of Bible for young aspiring aesthetes. I was on my way to becoming one, so I hoped, having enrolled on a pre-grad foundation in art and design. Many of Clark’s observations have been tirelessly quoted but the one that always resonates is this simple line: ‘The relation of head to body determines the standard by which we assess all other proportions in nature.’... Read More

Chris Bangle competition: Illustrate the Future

‘I have written a fiction book about car design and the prologue takes place 25 years in the future,’ says Chris Bangle. ‘It contains some concepts I have been working on, and this contest is to see what you would make of them.’ One of the most influential and controversial car designers of our time, Bangle is asking design students to submit original illustrations based on his e-book Peter Teuful: A Tale of Car Design. #gallery-7... Read More

In talk with Chris Bangle

Chris Bangle has kept a rather low profile since he abruptly left his position at BMW where he became one of the world’s most influential car designers. He has given few interviews since, but we caught up with the controversial designer at his self-built house and consultancy outside Turin to see what he has been up to since departing from the Bavarian marque last March. Bangle does not shy sway from the truth. He knows that he has set a pretty... Read More