In Reverse by Ron Arad

Ron Arad has compressed six full-size Fiat 500s to make his largest steel creation to date for his latest exhibition. The artist/designer’s career has been carved out of cutting, welding and bashing metal, and this intriguing show at the Design Museum Holon gives us a great insight into his work. In Reverse focuses on three decades of Arad’s work in metal culminating in a major new project exploring, through physical experiments and digital simulations,... Read More

BMW 6 Series convertible

We are in the heart of Andalusia and despite it being the very dying hours of winter, the weather is as dramatic as the evocative landscape of this region of southern Spain. We are here to drive the latest BMW product, the 6 Series convertible – a car that promises not just long and lean aesthetics of a gran turismo, but also – much in GT style – a sporty drive in pure luxury. BMW has a rich heritage in this genre – from the 327... Read More