All about Eve: Eve Arnold

Eve Arnold photographed the famous and the ordinary – in her own words ‘the poor, the old and the underdog.’ The first woman to join Magnum photography agency as a photojournalist, she captured the sadness and banal in the rich and famous, and the interesting side of ordinary people.

Arnold took portraits without the using artificial light. The Philadelphia-born photographer, who passed away age 99 earlier this year, will be possibly best remembered for her intimate photographs of Marilyn Monroe on the set of John Huston’s 1961 film The Misfits.

CHINA. Inner Mongolia. Horse training for the militia. 1979. R-type print. 17x14. © Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos

To celebrate the life of this pioneering photographer, London gallery Art Sensus is exhibiting over 100 unique photographs. Curated by Brigitte Lardinois, All About Eve will offer a spectrum of works from Arnold’s personal archive.

The exhibition includes photographs of Monroe, many from the set of The Misfits, hanging beside portraits of Hollywood legends Marlene Dietrich, Somerset Maugham, Arthur Miller, Joan Crawford, Peter O’Toole, Isabella Rossellini and Orson Welles.

It also includes the many political figures Arnold captured on her camera throughout her career including the Queen and former prime ministers Margaret Thatcher, Edward Heath and John Major.

The exhibition includes documentary photographs depicting political events such as extensive coverage of Malcolm X’s Black Muslim movement in the 1960s and Britain’s 1981 riots.

All About Eve outlines Arnold’s extensive travels to Afghanistan, China and Russia. These include evocative landscapes of rural China, photographs of the Mongolian militia, asylum patients in Haiti, children in the ghettos of Puerto Rico, Navajo women in the American southwest, portraits of veiled Afghani widows and the ‘oldest men in the world’ in the former Soviet Union.

‘All About Eve’, Art Sensus 02 March – 27 April 2012  

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