Gerry McGovern on Land Rover design

Jaguar Land Rover is having a bit of a renaissance. Owned by Tata Motors since 2008, the Indian firm is breathing life back into the two brands, encouraging them to explore their identities within the context of 21st century aesthetic and functional needs. Land Rover, in particular, has revealed an edgier side to its personality in recent years with cars like the Range Rover Evoque which has been an incredible success story for the company. Designed... Read More

Car design trends from Geneva

The Geneva Motor Show is one of the main yearly international exhibitions that tend to focus primarily on design studies and future trends. This year, sadly, the displays were generally of ‘real’ cars – automobiles that are made for today’s world but tend to lack the visionary insight to make them relevant to the bigger picture of mobility. This is a real shame as for the last few years we have been teased with a promise of a future urban... Read More