See why Arksen’s eco marine adventures challenge the landscape of luxury travel

Entrepreneur, investor, environmentalist Jasper Smith is redefining luxury travel with his company Arksen’s curated eco marine adventurers. I catch up with him to see how his venture is developing in light of the coronavirus pandemic and growing concern over the environment. Here, Smith speaks candidly about his deep concerns over the climate crisis and tells me why he and other businesses need to be proactive when it comes to the environment.... Read More

Shift Happens: Critical visions of London

Four young architects are looking to find innovative solutions for pressing issues facing London’s future. One proposes a partnership of private enterprises exploiting the happiness index in order to create a new social housing model. Another suggests how the London stock exchange can reach a mutual agreement with the Church of England to archive its data safeguarding both their futures. One young architect questions how environmentalism can work... Read More