Book review: Surf Craft

Surfboards conjure up an exciting picture. Brilliant sun, vast blue seas, toned, tanned bodies… the sheer thrill, and of the course the danger, of riding the waves, of conquering the ocean. You cannot get much sexier. Like all good things in life, surfing too has become a victim of commercialisation, the surfboard  fighting to maintain its integrity. This is the premise of Surf Craft, Design and the Culture of Board Riding. Here author Richard... Read More

Olympic Velodrome in action

The Velodrome by London practice Hopkins Architects combines clean lines with ecological thinking. This elegant building, created to house one of the fastest bike tracks for the 2012 London Olympics, forms one of the ‘big five’ projects in the Olympic Park – the main hub of the Games. The building was designed to be simple to construct using lightweight material. Sustainable choices range from the sourcing of wood certified by the Forest... Read More

Serie’s design for BMW Olympic pavilion

These are images of the BMW pavilion at the Olympic Park, designed by young UK firm Serie Architects for the 2012 London games. The two-story structure will be made of steel with recycled content. The idea is to build it on an elevated site above the Waterworks River – between the Olympic Stadium and the Aquatics Centre –  with river water cooling the building before returning the filtered water to the river via the ‘water curtain’... Read More