Volkswagen electric e-Up

Electrification has been hailed as the next chapter in personal transport for some time. We’ve been promised interesting products, thoughtfully designed cars that are driven in full or partly by an electric motor. We’ve been teased with some intriguing visions for electric cars for a number of years. Yet until recently all these have been exactly that – visions. Carmakers are not entirely to be blamed. A real infrastructure in most counties,... Read More

Walter de’Silva: VW design, Shanghai & 21C Beetle

On 18 April, on the eve of the Shanghai Motor Show, Volkswagen unveiled the twenty-first century Beetle at a stylish location on the Bund overlooking the river Huangpu and Pudong with its impressive display of world architecture. International media and flashy dressed local celebrities gathered sipping and nibbling on stylish cocktails and canopies as the silk wrap was ceremonially peeled off this iconic car against a dazzling display of fireworks. #gallery-2... Read More